Apple Braised Cabbage

This side dish was submitted by the dining commons at Brandeis University, one of a number of recipes prepared and served at a special apple-themed event for students in October 2021.

2 T water

1/8 t vegetable bouillon

1 T plus ¼ t apple cider vinegar

2 T apple cider

2 T sugar

1-1/3 t vegetable oil

2/3 c red cabbage, chopped

2/3 c green cabbage, chopped

2 t fresh ginger, minced

½ c New England apple, diced

1 t coriander

Salt and pepper

Combine water, vinegar, cider, sugar, and bouillon. Mix until well blended.

In a skillet, heat oil.

Add cabbage and saute just until cabbage begins to wilt, but is still crisp.

Stir in apple and ginger. Cook 3-4 minutes.

Stir in sauce and coriander. Cook, uncovered, 15 minutes, until cabbage is tender and apple is soft.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Best served the day it is made.