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The Best Pie Apple (and Our 2022 Calendar!)

WHAT IS THE BEST APPLE for apple pie? It is among our most frequently asked questions. It is a matter of…

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Especially juicy, slightly tart, and the most aromatic of all apples, with two-toned red and green skin, McIntosh has been praised by countless writers, chefs, and apple lovers for its unique flavor. Here is Frank Browning’s poetic description of the Mac, one of his prize apples in the book Apples: “The McIntosh is a medium sized, bright red to deep purple over green, with a dusty bluish bloom. Crisp but not hard white flesh with berry-like aroma and high juiciness.”

“Snap a rosy McIntosh from the tree and it’s like walking with Thoreau past Walden Pond in the 1840s, as the complex play of honeyed, tart, and spicy juices trickle down your throat,” Browning co-wrote with Sharon Silva in his next book, An Apple Harvest.

“In prime soon after picking with strawberry or even elderflower flavor and sweet, glistening, melting, juicy white flesh,” wrote Joan Morgan and Alison Richards in The New Book of Apples.

McIntosh is excellent for both fresh-eating and cooking, and it breaks down easily, making it a popular choice for applesauce. Its flavor is superb in pies, ideally mixed with a firmer variety for the best in taste and texture. Start picking Macs in early September.

Discovered: 1801 Dundas County, Ontario, Canada

Parentage: Fameuse x Detroit Red

Harvest: Midseason

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The Best Pie Apple (and Our 2022 Calendar!)

WHAT IS THE BEST APPLE for apple pie? It is among our most frequently asked questions. It is a matter of...

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The 2022 New England Apples wall calendar is here!

Every month features:

  • Beautiful photographs of New England orchards by Russell Steven Powell and Bar Lois Weeks (plus front and back covers — 14 in all);
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  • A health tip about the benefits of eating apples.

Inside the back cover is a list of orchards, complete with contact information and websites.

Order yours by sending $10 to:

New England Apples, PO Box 41, Hatfield, MA 01038

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