New England Apple Videos

This season, catch up on your Pick-Your-Own etiquette by watching this video!


Flavors for Every Meal

McIntosh and Other Classics

Old and New

Bake Your Own Pie

Apple Pie, Part 1: Preparing the Filling
Apple Pie, Part 2: Making a Perfect Pie Crust
Apple Pie, Part 3: From Crust to Oven

Integrated Pest Management

Battle Pests with IPM, Part 1
Battle Pests with IPM, Part 2
Battle Pests with IPM, Part 3

Life on the Orchard

Pruning the Trees, Part 1
Pruning the Trees, Part 2
Pollination in New England Apple Orchards
Packing New England Apples
Cider Making in New England
Visiting a Pick-Your-Own Orchard
Proper Storage of Apples