New England orchards

Mutsu apple at Mack's Apples, Londonderry, New Hampshire (Russell Steven Powell)
Pies, Brownies, and Late-Season Apple Gold

WITH FROST expected over most of the region over the next few days, the fresh apple harvest is likely headed…

Baldwin apples, Pine Hill Orchards, Colrain, Massachusetts (Russell Steven Powell)
Classic Heirlooms: Baldwin and Northern Spy

THEY NO LONGER dominate the New England apple industry, but Baldwin and Northern Spy are two delicious heirlooms that remain…

Empire apples, Dowse Orchards, Sherborn, Massachusetts (Russell Steven Powell)
Empire and Jonagold: Great Apples By Any Name

EMPIRE AND JONAGOLD apples have a lot in common. They are mid- to late-season apples with outstanding flavor and texture….

Macoun apples earlier this month at Easy Pickin's Orchard, Enfield, Connecticut, are now available at most New England orchards. (Russell Steven Powell)
Macoun Lovers, Rejoice!

MACOUN LOVERS, rejoice! Your apple has come in. This exquisitely flavored apple, the favorite fresh eating of many, is now…

A sample of entries in the Great New England Apple Pie Contest. (Russell Steven Powell)
Apple Pie Bakers, Start Your Ovens!

ANY TIME is a good time for apple pie, but the bountiful fresh harvest presents plentiful opportunities for experimenting or…

Surprise Apple Cake (Russell Steven Powell)
Surprise Apple Cake

COUSIN KAREN was baffled. I had asked her for a recipe called Surprise Apple Cake, and she had no memory…

The McIntosh will soon be ready at Sholan Farm in Leominster, Massachusetts. (Russell Steven Powell)
Expect a Good Crop of McIntosh and Other New England Apples

NEW ENGLAND expects a good fresh apple crop in 2018, although there will be some fluctuations throughout the six-state region….

Sunday Morning Apple Omelet. (Russell Steven Powell photo)
Sunday Morning Apple Omelet

APPLES CAN MAKE an exquisite omelet, especially if they are caramelized first. In addition to softening the apples, caramelizing —…

THE ORCHARD, OLD AND NEW: Above, new intensive plantings of dwarf apple trees attached to trellises at Rogers Orchards, Southington, Connecticut. (Bar Lois Weeks photo)
Apple Date Pecan Bars

DATES AND APPLES sounded like a good, if unusual, combination, and we were not disappointed with these Apple Date Pecan…

Kaleidoscopic Apple Salad

APPLES CAN BE TRICKY in salads. They add great flavor and interest, but their crisp texture and tart flavor can…

An Uplifting Apple Hash

IT STANDS TO REASON that the apple — that most gregarious of foods — would get along famously with the…

Super Apple Sandwiches

APPLES SHOW their amazing versatility in this trio of scrumptious, satisfying sandwiches. Tuna and sweet relish? Mustard and spinach? Greek…