Baked Apples with Fruit

A fresh take on an easy-to-make apple classic, by Jonathan A. Wright of Northampton, Massachusetts. Delicious served warm or cold!

Four firm Cortland or other New England apples, cored, not peeled.

Spritz with juice of 1 lemon.

In a skillet or saucepan, heat ½ c fresh cider, a splash of maple syrup, and the juice of one orange.

When mixture comes to a simmer, add 1/3 c fresh blueberries and ¼ c golden raisins. Simmer until raisins are plump and blueberries sag.

Spoon fruit into cores, reduce liquid by about 1/3 to thicken, and pour into and over the apples.

Bake loosely covered until apples are soft and golden-skinned.

Serve with local maple syrup or vanilla yogurt.