Red Apple Farm Hard Cider

455 Highland Ave.
Phillipston, MA 01331

Phone: 800-628-4851



Dry Hard Cider Our very first hard cider, made at the farm, signaling the beginning of our hard cider collaboration with Moon Hill Brewing Co. It is a dry, crisp apple cider made from Red Apple Farm apples. Apples are pressed weekly and immediately fermented and conditioned. Can’t get it any fresher, any cleaner or more apple-y!

Semi-sweet Hard Cider Our semi-sweet hard cider is made for people who prefer a sweeter drink. It is made from our original Red Apple Farm cider, with just a hint of cidery sweetness to lure you in.

Red Apple Farm hard cider is available at Gardner Ale House, Gardner, Mass., and the  Brew Barn at Red Apple Farm. Soon to be sold at Red Apple Farm store and Boston Public Market.