Sweet Tart

SnowSweet is a newer, trademarked apple from Minnesota, and it can only be grown by licensed growers. Oblate in shape (wider than it is tall), it is a medium to large size apple with a golden-red blush over a green-yellow skin. SnowSweet’s flavor, as its name suggests, is mostly sweet, with a slight tartness. Its crisp white flesh is fine-grained and slow to brown, making it a good choice in salads. It is also good for fresh eating and applesauce.

Discovered: 2006

Parentage: Sharon x Connell Red

Harvest: Late Season


Developed for cold hardiness at the University of Minnesota, SnowSweet was introduced commercially in 2006. It is a cross between Sharon and Connell Red. Like most late-season apples, it keeps well in storage if kept very cold in crisper drawer of refrigerator.