Sweet Tart

Ortley (aka Cleopatra, White Detroit, Vandyne, White Bellflower, Woolman’s Long Pippin) has patches of red on a pale yellow skin. It has crisp, juicy, creamy-colored flesh with a mild flavor. Its peel is tough but thin, so Ortleys will bruise easily.

Discovered: 1825 New Jersey

Parentage: White Detroit, Vandyne, White Bellflower, Woolman's Long Pippin

Harvest: Late Season


Michael Ortley discovered this in his southern New Jersey orchard in 1817, and it was given the name Ortley and also Woolman’s Long Pippin, after a Quaker preacher named Woolman. In 1825, it was sent to the London Horticultural Society, with the name Ortley Pippin. In 1872, it was renamed Cleopatra, the name it is known by in Australia and New Zealand where it is still popular. They may have fallen out of favor in New England due to their tendency to bear biennially and are susceptible to apple scab. Ortleys are harvested in October, and they store well through the winter.