Sweet Tart

Macoun is a medium-sized apple, deep red over a green base. Many name Macoun the best tasting apple, especially fresh from the tree. Macoun has become especially esteemed by connoisseurs in the Northeast for its crispy, juicy white flesh and rich, complex flavors of strawberry and spices. Since they do not store well after harvest, they are in great demand when they ripen in mid-September.

Discovered: 1909 Geneva, New York

Parentage: McIntosh x Jersey Black

Harvest: Midseason


Macoun was named after Canadian pomologist William Tyrell Macoun – pronounced “MacCowan.” It was developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1909, the offspring of McIntosh and Jersey Black, an American heirloom once known as Black Apple due to its dark color. Macoun was commercially released in 1923.

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