Red Jonaprince

Sweet Tart

Red Jonaprince is a cultivar of Jonagold with a nearly solid red color that is brighter to darker red, an earlier ripening date (early September), and a non-greasy peel in storage. Its skin is smooth with brownish-yellow lenticels (like pores). The shape of this medium-sized apple is wider than it is high. Red Jonaprince is an aromatic variety with creamy-colored flesh, which is juicy and firm, and its flavor is a nice balance of sugar and acid.

Discovered: 1994, Weert, The Netherlands

Parentage: Unknown

Harvest: Early Season


Red Jonaprince was discovered in an orchard in Weert, The Netherlands by Wilhelmus Princen and Antonius Princen in 1994. Presumably, the variety name stems from their last name. It ripens in early September, about one month earlier than Jonagold, and it keeps very well in cold storage, unlike most early season apples.

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