Sweet Tart

Idared, with its bright crimson peel, is a fairly large, crisp apple when first picked, often lacking flavor. However, it develops greater sweetness and complexity over time. After a few weeks or months in cold storage, it becomes a superb apple for sauce, pies, or as part of a cider blend. Its aromatic white flesh holds its shape when cooked, too. A late-season apple, Idareds are ready for harvest in early October.

Discovered: 1935 Moscow, Idaho

Parentage: Jonathan x Wagener

Harvest: Late Season


Idared was developed and then released in 1942 by the head of the Department of Horticulture Leif Verner at the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station in Moscow, Idaho. Its name is derived from its state of origin, Idaho, and its handsome red color. It is a cross between Jonathan and Wagener apples.