Golden Delicious


Though not related to Red Delicious, Golden Delicious shares its shape and many of its leading characteristics. Like the Red, Golden Delicious is a sweet, medium-to-large apple, with  pear-like flavor. It is an excellent keeper. Golden Delicious has a greenish-yellow skin that turns gold, and its yellow flesh is crisp and juicy.

Apple writer Frank Browning included Golden Delicious in his list of “20 prized apples” in his book Apples (1998, North Point Press), praising it as “exceptionally juicy” and because its flesh holds up when cooked. A good all-purpose apple, Golden Delicious excels as a dessert, salad, and cider apple. Look for Golden Delicious in mid- to late October.

Discovered: 1890 Clay County, West Virginia

Parentage: Unknown

Harvest: Late Season


Golden Delicious underwent a name change. Originally called Mullins Yellow Seedling after its discovery in West Virginia in 1890, the apple was renamed Golden Delicious when introduced commercially in 1916.

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