CrimsonCrisp, as its name implies, is a firm, deep red-purple, and crunchy apple. Its crispy yellow flesh holds a sweet-tart flavor, making it a great fresh-eating apple as well as a good juice or cider variety. This medium-sized apple is ready for picking in mid-September to October. It stores well for at least four months.

Discovered: 1971 Cream Ridge, New Jersey

Parentage: Crandal, Edgewood, Golden Delicious, Rome, Jonathan, Melba, and others

Harvest: Midseason


CrimsonCrisp is the 18th cultivar developed by the Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey (PRI) joint apple breeding program. The first seedling of CrimsonCrisp was developed from a cross of two other seedlings in 1971 at the Rutgers Fruit Research and Development Center in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Its release date was 2005. In its ancestry are Crandal, Golden Delicious, Rome, Jonathan, Melba, and Edgewood, to name only a few.