Sweet Tart

Shamrock is a crisp and juicy, tart, green apple. At its peak, Shamrock develops a red blush. Its flesh is a creamy light green, and it has a coarse texture with a flavor similar to McIntosh, only more tart. Good for both fresh eating and cooking, but enjoy them close to harvest, because they have a short storage life. Shamrock is an excellent choice to include with other apples in pies and sauce.

Discovered: 1992 Summerland, British Columbia

Parentage: Spur McIntosh x Spur Golden Delicious

Harvest: Midseason


Shamrock is the result of a Spur McIntosh crossed with a Spur Golden Delicious. It is an East Coast alternative to the wonderful heirloom, Rhode Island Greening, and to the slower-growing Granny Smith. It originated in Summerland, British Columbia, in 1992. It typically ripens at the end of September.