Sweet Tart

Redspy, also called Red Northern Spy, is a rich ruby color over a green skin in contrast to the slightly lighter red of its parent, Northern Spy. In other respects, it closely resembles Northern Spy, a large apple with spicy, sweet-tart flavor. Redspy’s creamy-colored flesh is crisp, aromatic, and juicy. It is good for both fresh eating and cooking. Look for Redspy in mid-October.

Discovered: 1895, New York

Parentage: A sport variety of Northern Spy

Harvest: Late Season


Redspy, a sport variety of Northern Spy, was discovered in Victor, New York, in 1895, on the farm of William S. Greene, and presented at the New York State Agricultural Experiment station by his son, C. E. Greene, in 1910. It was released commercially in 1923.

Sport varieties result from mutant branches that share many characteristics of the parent tree but have some distinctive trait or feature.