Rambour Franc (Summer Rambo)

Sweet Tart

Rambour Franc is a large, ribbed, light green apple with a dark pink blush, and sometimes with patches of russet. It has a crisp and juicy, slightly sweet, yellow-green flesh. Considered a dessert apple, it is also a great pie apple, especially if picked as early as July. It is also favored as a sauce apple. Harvest begins in mid- to late August; they do not keep but a few weeks in storage.

Discovered: 1530s Picardy, France

Parentage: Unknown

Harvest: Early Season


Also known as Summer Rambo or Lorraine, it is one of the oldest known varieties, dating back to 1535. Its name is derived from Rambures, the village in northern France where it may have originated. It was introduced to colonial America in 1767.