Sweet Tart

Enterprise is a round, medium-to-large, deep-red, late-season apple with white lenticels. Its crisp flesh at harvest becomes soft-firm in storage. Its spicy, sweet-tart flavor is best for cooking. Its skin is a little chewy and becomes waxy in storage, but it keeps exceptionally well.

Discovered: 1978, Indiana

Parentage: Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Rome Beauty, and others

Harvest: Late Season


Enterprise is a cross of several varieties including Golden Delicious, McIntosh, and Rome Beauty. It was developed in West Lafayette, Indiana, in 1978 for disease resistance by E.B. Williams of the Indiana, New Jersey, and Illinois (PRI) joint apple-breeding program. Enterprise is immune to apple scab and highly resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust. It was released commercially in 1990.