Sweet Tart

Wagener is a boxy apple, mostly rich red with yellow or green highlights. It has crisp, juicy, cream-colored flesh, and a lively, sweet-tart flavor. It is good for fresh eating and cooking, and it keeps well. Wagener is ready for harvest in late October.

Discovered: 1791, New York

Parentage: Siberian Crab x unknown

Harvest: Midseason


Wagener, a cross of Siberian Crab x unknown, was originally grown in 1791 by George Wheeler in the village of Penn Yan in New York’s Finger Lakes region, from seeds he brought with him from Dutchess County, New York. Abraham Wagener bought Wheeler’s farm in 1796, and gave the apple its name. It was released commercially in 1847.

No longer widely grown, Wagener’s legacy continues as a parent of Idared.

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