Sweet Tart

Pristine is a medium round apple with translucent lemon-yellow skin and a light pink blush. A crisp, juicy apple with pale yellow flesh, its sweet-tart flavor has hints of citrus. Pristine is unusually crisp for an early season apple, and stores well compared to many early varieties. It is one of the earliest apples to ripen, in mid-August.

Discovered: 1975, Indiana

Parentage: Camuzat x Co-Op 10

Harvest: Early Season


Pristine was developed in West Lafayette, Indiana, in 1975, by the Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey (PRI) joint apple-breeding program with pollen from a numbered seedling crossed with Camuzat, a little-known apple from Spain. Pristine was released commercially in 1994. Its ancestry includes Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Red Delicious, and Rome Beauty.