Bramley’s Seedling

Sweet Tart

Bramley’s Seedling is a large apple, green with red streaks, firm, and coarse-textured. The yellow-white flesh has hints of light green streaks. It is a favorite among cider makers due to its juicy combination of sweet and acid. As with a few other apple varieties, the skin of Bramleys becomes naturally greasy the longer it is stored to help it retain moisture, and as a result it keeps well. Bramley’s harvest period is from October through early November.

Discovered: Early 1800s, England

Parentage: Unknown

Harvest: Late Season


Bramley’s Seedling was discovered in Nottinghamshire, England, by chance in the beginning of the 1800s. The name Bramley is derived from a later owner of the Nottinghamshire property where the first tree grew. It continues to be a favorite baking apple in England.